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Apart from the hard-line self-taught artists, developing and affirming the talent one assumes one possesses within an Ecole des Beaux-Arts, such as Caen, represents an indispensable advantage to any visual arts artist.

It is fortunate that Odile Joubin once acquired this precious instruction. Although incontestably a colourist when painting, her underlying drawing always forms, as it should, the essential part of her compositions, which are both enthusiastic and daring. At times, her conception can be native, especially in her watercolours where motifs' structures remain actively present.

But such is Odile Joubin's temperament, and she's much better when she harnesses her varied palette of colours and creates with oil. Her works are solidly nuanced, arranged with a brush that's direct, attentive to the atmosphere and to the sensations unleashed by a power that suits her very well.

André RUELLAN, art critic